Venice – 2019 Müller & Sohn, Palazzo Mora, Impressions

The Opening of the Exhibition.

Venice – 2019 Müller & Sohn, Palazzo Mora, Impressions The exhibitions of the European Cultural Center are a colorful mix of known and unknown actors in the art scene. Many a gallery also sends works by its protagonists to the Palazzo Bembo, the Pallazzo Mora or the Giardini Marinaressa. For example, The works of Xenia Hausner can be seen several times over the years both in the Palazzo Mora and in the Palazzo Bembo, and also sculptures by Markus Lüpertz could be found here. All in all, these motley exhibitions in these palazzi are comparable to browsing an old loft or an unknown jewelry box. And so these events enrich the overall event of the official Biennale, as each major event is enriched by border events by variety and also by opposites. In addition, Venice is simply gorgeous and ideally suited to present art.

The Opening

After we were invited as relatively unknown artists to participate in this exhibition, we have of course considered whether we should decide or not.

More and more people do arrive at the palazzo in the entrance area on the right side you see sculptures made by Gonçalo Mabunda, Mozambique Pavilion.

Ultimately, it was neither the context of the Biennale nor the well-known names that led us to attend this exhibition here. It was simply the large number of people we can reach here with our work. There are several hundred thousand visitors at the event in the Palazzi Bembo and Mora.

The first people are entering the space. On 1st floor, on the left side in the opposite room of mozambique pavilion you can find or installation.

Of course, we knew that our work would be in the midst of other colorfully selected works, much as we are accustomed to at fairs. All the more we have tried to present the observers a decent job.

We have recorded an available wall with a specially created installation consisting of video, painting and sculpture for our project WEGE – Wattenmeer.

The Installation

The room is located directly across from the Mozambique pavilion, directly after coming up the stairs in the palazzi, left at the end of the wide corridor on the left.

Fishvision Detail 01
Fishvision Detail 02
Fishvision Detail 03
Free Download of the Brochure about our Installation in Palazzo Mora