“Presence, Criticism, Utopia” WKV – Stuttgart

At “Presence, Criticism, Utopia” 2017 group exhibition of the Württemberg Art Federation, Müller & Sohn were represented with a video installation from the project “PATHS – Renewal“.

In the “PATHS – Renewal” project, we deal with the ongoing process of reform, starting from the life and work and the person of the reformer Duke Christoph.

“Müller & Sohn haben sich auf die Suche begeben nach Herzog Christoph und für ihre Videoarbeit mit roten Streifen Muster um das Denkmal am Schlossplatz gelegt.”

Press report Stuttgarter Zeitung

Donaueschinger Regionale 2017

Müller & Sohn are represented at the Donaueschinger Regionale 2017.

Donaueschinger Regionale was started a few years ago  with an aim to give space to the visual arts and at the same time to give the public a representative overview of the contemporary art of the region.

At the Donaueschinger Regionale 2017, 39 artists were represented with 64 works. The exhibition ran from June 14, 2017 – July 2, 2017.

The total submissions for the exhibition were 598 works by 146 applicants. The high-calibre jury included Karin Abt-Straubinger, gallery owner, Dr. Anne Schaich, art historian, Daniel Bräg, Academy of Fine Arts Munich and Clemens Ottnad, Managing Director of the Baden-Württemberg Artists’Association.

For the exhibition, Müller & Sohn were selected with a video installation from the Paths – Alps project.

Donaueschinger Regionale 2017 © Müller & Sohn

Salon exhibition Kunstverein Ludwigsburg

Kuh Vadis © Müller & Sohn 2019

The Salon exhibition Kunstverein Ludwigsburg was funded by:

Dr. Petra Lanfermann
Deputy Head of the Municipal Gallery in Bietigheim Bissigen

Dr. Eva-Marina Froitzheim
Curator at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart

Dr. Andrea Wolter-Abele
Curator Kunstverein Ludwigsburg

It started in the Austrian Alpine country. There were at quite regular intervals red resting benches placed in the landscape. This rhythm motivated us to develop research and measuring instruments in the form of red strips of fabric, to commit landscapes and to mark paths and landscape rhythmically and to assign them indefinite measures and units of time. We have documented these actions in the natural area in a photographic and cinematic way. We sketched out the resulting ideas and insights and then translated them into products in painting, sculpture, photography and film. More and more works are also being created in this process.

Müller & Sohn are showing the project “Paths-Part 1” (.. “PATHS-Alps”)

Salon exhibition Kunstverein Ludwigsburg opening : 08.07.2016

Introducing text by Ramona Wegenast, art historian.

Salon exhibition at the Kunstverein Ludwigsburg © Mueller & Sohn
Salon exhibition at the Kunstverein Ludwigsburg © Mueller & Sohn
Salon exhibition at the Kunstverein Ludwigsburg © Mueller & Sohn
Kuh Vadis | Irene Müller & Diethard Sohn 2016

Press release Salon exhibition Kunstverein Ludwigsburg

“Parallel startete eine Werkschau, die die Kuh ins Zentrum rückt. das Motto im Kellergewölbe des Kunstvereins lautet „Kuh vadis?“ Die Akteure sind das Label „Müller & Sohn“. Sie nennen ihre Ausstellung „Wege“. Irene Müller und Diethard Sohn verbinden ihre Liebe zur Spielwiese Naturraum. Er ist ihnen rahmengebendes Subjet und Basis für sämtliche Wege. Beide halten gern die Natur fotografisch fest und entdecken sie dann als Kunstraum. Auch die Kuh wird in verschiedenen Darstellungen zum Kunstobjekt. Im Gewölbekeller des Kunstvereins kommt die Kuh, die einem überlebensgroß ihr Hinterteil entgegenstreckt, an der Stirnseite hervorragend zur Geltung.” 

Südwestpresse SWP