Venice – 2019 Müller & Sohn, Palazzo Mora, Impressions

personal structures

The exhibition “Personal Structures – Identities” is a colorful mixture of well-known and unknown actors of the international art scene.

In addition, some galleries send works by their protagonists to the Palazzo Bembo, the Pallazzo Mora or the Giardini Marinaressa. In past exhibitions, works by Xenia Hausner, Markus Lüpertz, Yoko Ono and works by Tesfaye Urgessa and other artists, who were still relatively unknown at the time, have been on display in the Palazzi Mora, Bembo and Giardini Marinaressa. Also this time it was colorfully mixed. It is this colourful mixture of works by different artists from different countries and continents that makes the exhibitions in the Palazzi so interesting. The visitor can browse and discover. These ECC events bring a breath of fresh air and enrich the overall event of the Biennale. Venice is simply fantastic and ideally suited for presenting art.

The Opening

Ultimately, however, it was neither the context of the Biennale nor known names that prompted us to take part in this exhibition. It was simply the large number of people we could reach with our work. There are several hundred thousand visitors at this event in the Palazzi Bembo and Mora.

During our visits to the Biennale in the past years, we ourselves were also very excited to browse through the different palazzi, churches and monasteries.

Venice - 2019, Palazzo Mora, Impressions of an exhibition © Müller & Sohn 2019
More and more people do arrive at the palazzo in the entrance area on the right side you see sculptures made by Gonçalo Mabunda, Mozambique Pavilion.

And of course we are happy to be able to reach and address as many people as possible with our art.

Venice - 2019, Palazzo Mora, Impressions of an exhibition © Müller & Sohn 2019
The first people are entering the space. On 1st floor, on the left side in the opposite room of mozambique pavilion you can find or installation.

That’s why we made a special effort to present the visitors of the exhibition with a decent piece of work.

We played a wall available to us with a specially created installation consisting of video, painting and sculpture for our project WEGE – Wadden Sea.

Venice - 2019, Palazzo Mora, Impressions of an exhibition our Installation © Müller & Sohn 2019
The Installation

The room is located directly opposite the Mozambique Pavilion, directly after climbing the stairs into the Palazzi, left at the end of the wide corridor to the left

© Müller & Sohn 2019
Fishvision Detail 01
© Müller & Sohn 2019
Fishvision Detail 02
© Müller & Sohn 2019
Fishvision Detail 03

Sculptures – Task Force Laguna

Task-Force-Laguna-III @ Müller & Sohn
© Müller & Sohn

On the Wadden Sea, strange specimens of flying sea turtles wearing Venetian carnival masks have been spotted recently. Rumor has it that they are migrating turtles from tropical waters who got stuck in the Venetian Lagoon during carnival season and, feeling enthusiastic about the event, spontaneously mutated. They then used their fins as wings, flew across the Alps and eventually reached the Wadden Sea. 

Secretly called the “Unità Operativa Laguna” or “Task Force Laguna” they export the spirit of Venetia to the north. Could this be the start of the Sea Turtle Renaissance?

Sculptures – Fish Vision 3D

Fish Vision 3D © Müller & Sohn

As an ambassador of today’s marine world, Fish Vision 3D is very successful.
A genuine fata morgana on tourist beaches, this species mostly prevails in the shape of a six-eyed skeletonized fish. But don’t let outer appearances trick your eye! Fish Vision 3D Dystopic Appearance sends misleading signals to other creatures. This fish is the holographic shape shifter of the oceans. Camouflage and deception are its basic strategies of survival. Some scientists even believe it can be dead and alive at the same time and call it “Schrödinger’s Fish”. It is, by the way, the only marine animal known to appreciate a good joke.