Open-air exhibition

The Kunstverein takes to the streets. The member exhibition can be corona-conditioned do not take place in the exhibition hall at MIK. That is why we are taking it into public space. From 10.12. the works are in the Kirchstraße, Ludwigsburg (Germany) to see.Kunstverein Ludwigsburg Müller & Sohn are represented with “Blaufischorakel” a new work…

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Due to the current development with Covid-19, we have cancelled exhibitions planned for 2020/21 and if possible postponed them until 2022. Exhibitions in art associations or galleries may take place, this is decided by the respective organizer. With art it goes on, of course!In the course of next year we will develop an online gallery…

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Venice – 2019 Müller & Sohn, Palazzo Mora, Impressions

The exhibition “Personal Structures – Identities” is a colorful mixture of well-known and unknown actors of the international art scene. In addition, some galleries send works by their protagonists to the Palazzo Bembo, the Pallazzo Mora or the Giardini Marinaressa. In past exhibitions, works by Xenia Hausner, Markus Lüpertz, Yoko Ono and works by Tesfaye…

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