Venice – 2019 Müller & Sohn, Palazzo Mora, Impressions

The exhibition “Personal Structures – Identities” is a colorful mixture of well-known and unknown actors of the international art scene. In addition, some galleries send works by their protagonists to the Palazzo Bembo, the Pallazzo Mora or the Giardini Marinaressa. In past exhibitions, works by Xenia Hausner, Markus Lüpertz, Yoko Ono and works by Tesfaye…

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Sculptures – Fish Vision 3D

As an ambassador of today’s marine world, Fish Vision 3D is very successful. A genuine fata morgana on tourist beaches, this species mostly prevails in the shape of a six-eyed skeletonized fish. But don’t let outer appearances trick your eye! Fish Vision 3D Dystopic Appearance sends misleading signals to other creatures. This fish is the…

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