In the project Renewal, Müller & Sohn deal with the ongoing process of reform, starting from the life and work and the person of the reformer Duke Christoph.

In the footsteps of a great reformer

First, Müller & Sohn go on a search for clues. Step by step, they are committing places related to the reformer Duke Christoph and the Reformation. In doing so, they mark paths and lay symbols that stand for birth, effect and continuous continuation. These performative acquisitions are recorded in time lapse by means of action cams and thus become part of a video installation. At the same time, Müller & Sohn demonstrate the process of renewal on the basis of a painting, which increases by continuously reformulating it by means of overpainting on the thematic and colour layers. The examples are exemplified by the deputy of some of the topics of the "Herzog Christopher Exhibition." Laser layers of paint give an idea of the past. The symbols "listed" in the actions, which they place with their red stripes, appear on the painting within the painting process. The overpaintings eventually lead to the symbol of infinity. The first part of this project is in the Württemberg WKV until 24.09.2017 Kunstverein Stuttgart.