22nd Triennale Grenchen

The 22nd Grenchen Triennial from September 10 – 26, 2021 in Grenchen (Switzerland) will be dedicated to the xylographic printing process. The works will be shown simultaneously at three locations in Grenchen, Solothurn and Evilard. With the exhibition “Mini Print 2021”, the Grenchen Triennale will present a comprehensive picture of current contemporary creativity from around the world and promote artistic activities in the field of xylographic printing.

Since 1958, the Triennale Grenchen has been presenting international printmaking in Switzerland.

Müller & Sohn participates with the work “Last Call”.

The largest exhibition of original prints has been held for 60 years. A wide variety of prints by international artists are exhibited in Grenchen every three years in autumn. At the exhibition, these are shown to a wide audience and offered for sale. The Triennale Grenchen is dedicated to two main aspects: the demonstration and appreciation of new graphic forms and the presentation of classical graphic techniques on an international high level.

Triennale Grenchen https://triennale.ch
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