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The artist duo Müller & Sohn think of themselves as an aesthetic, experimental research laboratory that operates between the poles of painting, sculpture, photography and video art. Their work focuses on nature, from closely observing and examining it and its phenomena to scrutinising how human intervention can impact and alter it.

Lifeguard house, Amrum, Germany – Filmstill

From the Alps to the North Sea, nature offers the artists the ideal matrix to playfully translate their visions and ideas into a new formal language.

Müller & Sohn develop artistic-scientific tools which they use to create object-based landmarks in order to change the visual structure of landscapes. Through this kind of spatial re-interpretation and its multimedia documentation, Müller & Sohn create images of intense aesthetic coherence.

Irene Müller, previously an artistic collaborator with Christoph Schlingensief, interweaves documentary photographic and video material with painting. Diethard Sohn connects with nature by means of hyper-realistic rendition in painting. This stands in contrast to his ironical reinterpretation of cubism which combines cubistic structures with the palette and the aesthetic of comic strips.

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