Art Prize of the Karl-Heinz Knoedler Foundation

The art prize of the Karl-Heinz Knoedler Foundation 2019 was awarded to the artist – label Müller & Sohn (Irene Müller and Diethard Sohn) for their video installation “Land gewinnen”. In addition to the artist duo Müller & Sohn, two other artists Hyunjeong Ko, Julia Smirnova, were awarded the art prize.

The members of the jury were:
Albrecht Briz (Artist Heidenheim/Steinheim)
Dr. Florian Härle (art historian Goethe University Frankfurt)
Romy Range (Managing Director, Künstlerhaus Stuttgart e.V.)

The awarding of the art prize took place in the context of the VII Ellwanger Art Exhibition. The exhibition is organized by the Kunstverein and supported by the city of Ellwangen.

We would like to thank all our supporters and all those involved. We are very happy about this award… But we are also pleased to have met so many friendly, committed and art-interested people in connection with this exhibition, without whose commitment an art exhibition of this quality would not have been possible. The Kunstverein is a great added value for the city of Ellwangen, for us artists and for the state of Baden-Württemberg.

Many thanks
Irene Müller and Diethard Sohn

The works of all exhibiting artists are illustrated in a very high-quality catalogue. An essay on “Art in Times of Perplexity” by Dr. Florian Härle and written dialogues between him and the respective prizewinners expand the view of the exhibition. The catalogue is available for 15 euros at Kunstverein Ellwangen.

Here is an excerpt from the live interview, which took place during the award ceremony in addition to the catalogue:

Dr. Florian Härle: “In the historical record of the first moon landing, land is also marked with a flag, land is won… Do you have any indications as to whether this moon landing took place or not? Is the line between truth and illusion narrower?

Müller & Sohn (Diethard Sohn): “Evidence – yes, proof – no. We weren’t there, but we were indirectly eyewitnesses. My siblings, children from the neighbourhood and me. We all sat together in our parents’ living room and watched Armstrong walk on the moon as the first man on TV. Everything in black and white. Of course, we don’t know if this was just a good production from a Hollywood studio. But let’s assume that the moon landing took place. Much more interesting is that in the heads of us children everything that was black and white on the moon was.

So at least we realize that reality and illusion are very close.”

Interim translation: Deep L

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