Lugworm Poo

Lugworm Poo

“This sculpture was created on the base of some of the objects we used during our art performances in the Wadden Sea and which can be seen in our films. Fascinated by the almost abstract quality of the lugworm excretions that are a common sight on the North Sea beaches, we originally recreated them by wrapping balloons into cloth and bending them into complex knots.” 

In a further step, Müller & Sohn gave permanence to the lugworm poo balloon structure by translating the short-lived cloth and rubber material into a more durable one.

“The result is a quasi-fossil remnant of our performance, mixing the artificial element of the balloon with the squiggly vestiges of digested sand that the real lugworm consumes in great amounts.”

The Lugworm Poo sculpture stresses the ecological function of this tiny invertebrate which filters and purifies the complete upper sand layer of a beach down to a depth of 20 cm. With a capacity of 25 kg of sand per year and animal, lugworms perform an indispensable function for the local ecosphere while at same time acting as unlikely and unconscious creators of abstract art in the Wadden Sea..

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