Global Player



Global Player

The Global Player is a five-armed “pentapus” holding a golf ball in one of its tentacles.
He is at home on the best golf courses of his (underwater) world. In an octopus’s garden he almost can’t be beaten. If he loses a game, he will get really dangerous.

The Global Player excels in global networking. The Global Player’s arms reach everywhere.  And the Global Player finds his way out of any maze.
The Global Player profits from sailor’s tales of yore about octopuses dragging ships into the deep. Hidden beneath the surface of the ocean, the Global Player appears bigger than he really is. 

The Global Player mutated from an octopus (Greek: eight-foot) to a “pentapus” (Greek: five-foot). Having less arms to control keeps him more focussed.
When travelling (which he constantly does), the Global Player does not need the  President’s Suite. He carries an egg shell around with him which serves him as movable private accommodation.
The Pentapus once might well have been a military experiment, commissioned by the Pentagon and gone out of control. Any further detail is classified.

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