Salon exhibition at the Kunstverein Ludwigsburg

The exhibition was funded by:

Dr. Petra Lanfermann
Deputy Head of the Municipal Gallery in Bietigheim Bissigen

Dr. Eva-Marina Froitzheim
Curator at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart

Dr. Andrea Wolter-Abele
Curator Kunstverein Ludwigsburg

It started in the Austrian Alpine country. There were at quite regular intervals red resting benches placed in the landscape. This rhythm motivated us to develop research and measuring instruments in the form of red strips of fabric, to commit landscapes and to mark paths and landscape rhythmically and to assign them indefinite measures and units of time. We have documented these actions in the natural area in a photographic and cinematic way. We sketched out the resulting ideas and insights and then translated them into products in painting, sculpture, photography and film. More and more works are also being created in this process.

The project “Paths-Part 1” (.. “PATHS-Alps”)

Exhibition opening Kunstverein Ludwigsburg; 08.07.2016

Introducing text by Ramona Wegenast, art historian.

... Bildergalerie und Dokumentation der Salonausstellung im Kunstverein Ludwigsburg