Müller & Sohn + Ko: Showtime

Lucky Hermit © Müller & Sohn hier auf einem Ausschnitt eines Gemäldes von Müller & Sohn
Lucky Hermit © Müller & Sohn hier auf einem Ausschnitt eines Gemäldes von Müller & Sohn

12.07.2024 – 18:30 Vernissage at the Kunstverein Ludwigsburg
With catering by Café Madam Lu and musical accompaniment, we invite you to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Kunstverein Ludwigsburg e. V. with us.

Greeting by Lord Mayor Dr. Knecht
Speech by Macit Karaahmetoğlu (Member of the Bundestag)
Introduction to the exhibitions
Admission is free!
It is not every day that the winners of an art competition discover such a strong affinity that they spontaneously decide to set up a joint project. But this is what happened at the Karl-Heinz Knoedler Foundation’s art award ceremony in Ellwangen, which in 2019 went to both the duo Müller & Sohn and (alongside Julia Smirnova) the artist Hyunjeong Ko.

The performative sculptures by Müller & Sohn and the kinetic installations by Hyunjeong Ko, which in both cases can be read both as aesthetic experiments and as associative, multi-layered and magical objects that delve deep into the visual worlds of the unconscious, were the main starting points for a collaboration. With their very own personal approach, they also devote themselves to the influence of man on nature and, conversely, of nature on what man has created. The fact that Hyunjeong Ko and Müller & Sohn demonstrate a similar sense of humor, which is clearly expressed in their works, has done the rest to provide the basis for a lively creative exchange.

In the double exhibition of the three artists at the Kunstverein Ludwigsburg, the animated objects and environments of Hyunjeong Ko enter into a dialog with the multimedia art of Müller & Sohn, which in turn explores the tension between statics and movement in the great outdoors. While Ko is a constructor who uses found objects and everyday items to build precisely functioning machines that perform mysterious tasks, Müller & Sohn are researchers and explorers who are guided by their curiosity and integrate chance as a formative principle in their art. At the intersection of these two approaches, the exhibition will feature several installations developed jointly by Hyunjeong Ko and Müller & Sohn. The eye is presented with an art machine that performs a drama of things without any further external intervention and with provocative self-sufficiency, celebrating the busy idling of the mechanical, freed from any superficial use.

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