Venice – 2019 Müller & Sohn, Palazzo Mora, Impressions

The exhibition “Personal Structures – Identities” is a colorful mixture of well-known and unknown actors of the international art scene. In addition, some galleries send works by their protagonists to the Palazzo Bembo, the Pallazzo Mora or the Giardini Marinaressa. In past exhibitions, works by Xenia Hausner, Markus Lüpertz, Yoko Ono and works by Tesfaye… Continue reading Venice – 2019 Müller & Sohn, Palazzo Mora, Impressions

Venice 2019 – Palazzo Mora

We look forward to presenting our latest project with new works in the context of 58th Biennale. Venice 2019 – Palazzo Mora ”Personal Structures – Identities” The non profit exhibition “Personal Structures – Identities“ hosted by the European Cultural Center, will take place from May 11, 2019 to Nov. 24, 2019. The presentation by Müller… Continue reading Venice 2019 – Palazzo Mora