Sculptures – Task Force Laguna

On the Wadden Sea, strange specimens of flying sea turtles wearing Venetian carnival masks have been spotted recently. Rumor has it that they are migrating turtles from tropical waters who got stuck in the Venetian Lagoon during carnival season and, feeling enthusiastic about the event, spontaneously mutated. They then used their fins as wings, flew… Continue reading Sculptures – Task Force Laguna

Sculptures – Fish Vision 3D

As an ambassador of today’s marine world, Fish Vision 3D is very successful. A genuine fata morgana on tourist beaches, this species mostly prevails in the shape of a six-eyed skeletonized fish. But don’t let outer appearances trick your eye! Fish Vision 3D Dystopic Appearance sends misleading signals to other creatures. This fish is the… Continue reading Sculptures – Fish Vision 3D